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Payment by Funds Transfer

Funds transfer

Newlook Marketing is one of the first few online merchants in Singapore to accept Interbank Funds Transfer payment of its online purchases.

To pay by Funds Transfer, shoppers merely need to select "Funds Transfer" as the payment method in the payment page. Key details of the funds transfer are clearly stated in the payment page and the confirmation email. Read on for more details.

Our financial details for payment are:

Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Bank NameDBS (Singapore)
Bank Code7171
Branch Code002
Account TypeCurrent
Account Number002 901632 4
Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Bank NameOCBC (Singapore)
Bank Code7339
Branch Code553
Account TypeCurrent
Account Number043472001 (DBS Internet Banking)
553043472001 (ATM Teller and Others)
U.S. Dollar (USD)
Bank NameOCBC (Singapore)
Bank Code7339
Branch Code501
Account TypeCurrent
Account number501110381301

There are two ways of effecting the transfer:
  1. Offline - Phone banking, ATM Teller, Bank Teller
  2. Online - Internet Banking

Account holders of POSB/DBS bank as well as other banks may use the Funds Transfer payment for purchases on this website.

This is undoubtedly a more secured and convenient way of making payment for online purchases as it requires the shoppers to login using a PIN number and a password to complete the payment.

As an added security feature for POSB/DBS account holders, you may also configure to receive SMS messages or paging whenever a funds transfer is being made using your account.

Note: The sample screens shown below are merely simulated screen and may differ in some way from the actual process.

For Telegraphic Transfer by International shoppers, see our Offline Payment page for more details.

Using POSB/DBS & other bank ATM tellers for funds transfer

General steps to effect a payment transfer using ATM tellers; steps may differ for different bank tellers:
  1. Insert ATM card
  2. Login to ATM teller
  3. Select 'iBanking, Cashcard & more services'
  4. Select 'Funds Transfer / Fixed Deposit'
  5. (From which account) Select your account type eg. POSB Savings
  6. (To another account) Select DBS Autosave / Current
  7. Key in Newlook Marketing Account number: 0029016324
  8. Key in the amount to be transferred
  9. Select 'If correct, press'
  10. Select 'To confirm'
  11. Remove ATM card
  12. Collect your receipt
  13. Notify us via [email protected] on the Date, Time and Reference No. that is printed on the receipt
Sample ATM receipt
ATM Receipt: Look for Ref number

While at the ATM machine, you may also want to consider applying for your free Internet Banking account, if you holds any POSB or DBS accounts. See Apply for DBS Internet Banking

Note: Certain ATM tellers may not have a funds transfer feature to other banks.

Internet Banking Sites

The following Internet Banking sites are recognised:

Setting up Funds Transfer for POSB/DBS Internet Banking

Internet banking allows a host of other online banking services like account enquiry, funds transfer, payment & GIROS services, etc. all from the comfort of your desktop.

For POSB/DBS account holders and if you are using Funds Transfer to Newlook Marketing for the first time, you will need to setup a payee account for subsequent Funds Transfer transactions.
  1. Login to DBS Banking website.
  2. On the left navigation pane, click Funds Transfer.
  3. Click Funds Transfer: Add New DBS/POSB Payee.
  4. Fill in the information as shown below:
    Account Information
    Account NameYOUR NAME
    My Initials
    (For display on payee's bank statement)
    (Maximum 12 characters)
    Daily Transfer LimitS$1,000.00  (click here to change limit)

    New Payee Information
    Payee Account Type
    Payee Account Number (Please omit dashes)
    Nickname Of Payee (Maximum 20 characters)
    Click Submit button to proceed.
  5. A confirmation screen will appear:
    New Payee Information - Confirmation
    My Initials (for display in payee's statement)Your Initial
    Account TypeDBS Current
    Account Number002-901632-4
    Nickname For PayeeNEWLOOK
    Click Confirm button to proceed. A one-time password (OTP) will send to you via SMS/Paging.
  6. Click Make OTP Application.
    Key in the one-time password received and click Submit to proceed.
  7. Click Confirm to finalise.
  8. Application for Funds Transfer completed.

Using Funds Transfer in POSB/DBS Internet Banking

After you have setup Newlook Marketing as a payee account, you may use the Funds Transfer option to initiate a payment to Newlook Marketing for your online purchase at

  1. Login to DBS Banking website.
  2. On the left navigation pane, click Funds Transfer.
  3. Click Funds Transfer To Other DBS/POSB A/C.
  4. Select Newlook Marketing as Payee by clicking the radio button:
    From Account
    To Account
    Add New Payee
  5. Select Immediate Transfer
  6. Click Submit button to proceed.
  7. A confirmation screen will appear.
    a) Verify the details to be correct.
    b) Click Confirm button to finalise the transfer.
  8. Upon successful completion of the funds transfer, a message screen will appear:
    From AccountPOSB Savings
    Latest Available BalanceS$999.99
    To AccountDBS Current
    002-901632-4 Newlook
    Transaction Reference95964789
    Take note of the "Transaction Reference" number.
  9. Notify Newlook Marketing of the payment via email to [email protected] indicating this transaction reference and your orderID.
  10. Payment by Funds Transfer completed.

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