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About Mediven Medical Compression Stockings

Extracted from product brochure.
Edited on 26-Apr-2003.


The first signs of a venous disorder are harmless. In the evenings the legs ache and the feet are swollen. Many people who work sitting or standing know this feeling. Then they discover the first varicose vein...

A "varicose vein" is an unhealthy vein. The vein has been under undue stress for too long (e.g. sitting or standing too long, lack of physical exercise): It reacts to the stress by dilating. This prevents the venous valves closing properly. The old, used blood can now only flow back to the heart slowly, if at all (blood pooling).

Unhealthy veins

Many millions of people worldwide have some degree of venous disorder. The consequences if untreated can lead to varicose veins and even to deep vein thrombosis.


has a name - mediven

For your own safety, a short question about the health of your veins can do no harm next time you visit your family doctor. Specialists, too, (e.g. phlebologists) or your medical dealer can also give you precise, professional advice.

Modern compression stockings lend your veins support. These stockings are carefully selected to fit you, and exert gentle compression. Wearing these stocking regularly prevents further deterioration. Because compression stockings have been proven to be medically effective, your doctor will give you a prescription if necessary.

Veins with compression stockings


Mediven EleganceThe attractive aspect of compression therapy: Mediven Elegance

The sheer, transparent compression stocking with its unique soft, hugging fit. Combines medical efficacy with an attractive appearance, and is very comfortable to wear.

mediven elegance: A compression stocking that is setting standards.


Indications: e.g. for early, minor to moderate venous disorders, during pregnancy, or more severe symptoms, swelling and after vein surgery.

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