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Meryl® Microfibre

Source: Meryl® Microfibre brochure

Microfibre is a generic term for man-made ultra fine fiber (polyamide) finer than silk. Fabrics made with microfibres are soft, lightweight, breathable and durable.

Meryl® Microfibre is made up of big quantities of thin fibres. In usual tights the polyamide yarn consists of 2 - 8 fibres, in micro-(multi)fibre there are from 17 up to 52 fibres with the same thickness of a fibre.

Microfibre is available in acrylic, nylon, polyester, and rayon. When woven the product is an extremely drapeable, very soft and luxurious fabric.

Molecular size of microfiber
Fibre size comparision

Thanks to the fineness of each filament (less than 10μ), this well known Nylstar speciality makes possible the construction of very fine close woven and knitted fabrics, characterised by soft handle, breathability and resistance to wind and rain.

Manified view of microfiber
Manified view of Meryl® microfibre

Ideal for light garments, with direct contact to the skin, it finds its own natural application in stockings, socks and lingerie.

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* Meryl® is a registered brand of Nylstar.

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