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Spenco Bed Pad (size 62Kb)
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Spenco Bed Pad

Made In:China
Price:US$ 255.35 Change
UOM:1 piece
Material:Spenco® Silicore
Care:Washable in an institutional laundry, quickly dries in commercial dryers.
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Soft as a Feather Bed, but durable and easy to Wash. Helps make any bed more comfortable by reducing pressure and friction against sensitive pressure prone areas. Breathable cotton/polyester on one side and reversible moisture resistant nylon on the other side for incontinent situations.

Material is made from Spenco® Silicore.

Fits hospital bed size 78" x 36" (200 cm x 90cm). Packaged in polyethylene bags for ease of storage and cleanliness.

Spenco® Silicore Bed Pad is suitable for use in nursing homes, hospitals and subacute facilities.
Spenco® Silicore padding is reversible with one side a breathable cotton/polyester and the other side latex waterproof sheeting. The breathable side is for maximum comfort and the waterproof side is for incontinent problems. Ideal for supporting bed and wheelchair patients.

Shipped in sealed carton box, dimension: 87.6x28x28cm, gross wt 5.3kg, net wt 4.4kg.

What is Spenco® Silicore?
SpencoSpenco® Silicore has been designed specifically for supporting bedridden patients. It is made from cylindrical hollow core fibers with siliconized shafts. The hollow core construction prevents the fibers from matting down, and the air chambers provide insulation against heat or cold. The silicone coating on each fiber acts as a lubricant to absorb friction and prevent penetration of the fibers by chemicals or moisture, such as urine.

Characteristics of Silicore
  • Silicore is inert, hypoallergenic and radio-translucent.
  • It may be washed in any institutional laundry system with standard detergents and dried in commercial dryers.
  • It resists staining from body wastes and dries in minutes because of its permanent silicone coating.
  • Silicore complies with flammability standards for U.F.A.C Padding Test criteria.
  • Superior reduction of skin pressures; absorbs shear forces.
  • Breathes for cool comfort.
Comparative Studies
Clinical and laboratory tests comparing Silicore with other forms of hospital padding show that when the skin is kept cool, dry, clean and free of sustained high pressure forces with Spenco Silicore Padding, pressure sores should not develop and general comfort should be greatly increased. Silicore Padding will lower pressure at the sacrum and hips of bedridden patients below 25mm of Hg. Research has shown these pressures to be out of the range of common decubitus ulcers.

Pressure Reduction Silicore Padding will lower pressures at the sacrum and hips of bedridden patients below 25 mm of Hg. Research has shown these pressures to be out of the range of common decubitus ulcers. Feature
Shear Shear Absorption Shear forces are often a hidden factor in pressure sore formation. The silicone coating on the individual hollow core fibers of Silicore will reduce shear forces and skin friction significantly better than will foam pads, synthetic sheepskins, alternating air pressure pads and other similar products. Feature
Temperature Insulation Tests show skin temperatures of patients lying on Silicore in warm rooms to be 2°-5°F cooler than with foam or synthetic sheep skin padding, and 6° - 10° cooler than with alternating air pressure pads, rubber sheeting or plastic mattresses. Silicore will also keep patients warm and comfortable in cold, damp environments. Feature
Humidity Build Up Silicore Padding is highly breathable and will minimize humidity build up from perspiration and urine. Moisture accumulation encountered with water pads, alternating air pressure pads, gel pads and plastic covered mattresses is very detrimental to the skin. Feature
Costs Silicore Padding will take the hottest and harshest institutional laundry systems and outlast foam paddings and synthetic sheepskin products. Unlike other competitive products, it will not leak, deflate, tear or become mechanically inoperable. Feature

Spenco® is a Registered trademark of Spenco Medical Corp.

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