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Albert Andre Therapeutic Pantyhose 140den (size 56Kb)
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Therapeutic Pantyhose 140den

Brand:Albert Andre
Made In:Italy
Price:US$ 28.02 Change
Size:Size Chart
UOM:1 pair
Material:74% Polyamide, 26 Elastane
Care:Wash in lukewarm water (not hot water) with neutral detergent. Wring it carefully so that the detergent can penetrate thoroughly, rinse it out and let it dry far from any source of heat.
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140 denier graduated compression pantyhose with LYCRA®. LYCRA® is a synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber.

Having therapeutic massage effect, they are particularly suited as pre-therapeutical support at first symptoms of vein insufficiency, suitable for first varicose veins, swellings and strong heaviness to the legs.

They are also recommended for problems of swelling and pins-and-needles in the legs and for those who work standing up.

*Strong compression (14-18mmHg) with CE Marking (European Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE).

Sheer silky soft that is smooth to touch. Reinforced panty area.

With heel pockets to ensure good fitting and comfort.

Gradual decreasing compression, suitable for the prevention and treatment of vein and artery ailment. A decreasing, bi-elastic compression, strong at the ankles and lighter towards thighs exerts a beneficial stimulation for a correct circulation of blood.

Instructions for Use

To put on the pantyhose, proceed as with a normal pantyhose but without rolling it. You do not need to turn it inside out beforehand. Position the heel, then draw the pantyhose with your hands, stretch it over the ankle, calf, thigh and up the groin. If the pantyhose is uniformly distributed, the compression will be perfect.
It is advisable to use therapeutic hosiery when symptoms such as swollen or tired legs and tingling first appear. Seek your physician advice.

*Note: This would be Class 2 under the British Standard (BS 6612).

Albert Andre® is a registered trademark of Laboratori Piazza.

LYCRA® is the registered trademark of INVISTA.

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