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T.E.D. Anti-Embolism Stocking

Look for the T.E.D. symbol for proven efficacy
Extracted from product brochure.
Edited by: Larry C., Newlook Marketing, 5-Mar-2003.

If proven efficacy in an anti-embolism stocking is important to you, be aware that not all stockings are the same. Only the T.E.D. Anti-Embolism Stocking has been clinically proven to prevent DVT in over 14,000 patients.
TED Anti-embolism stockings compression chart

Count on T.E.D. Stockings to:Count on T.E.D. Anti-Embolism Stockings with its clinically proven graduated compression pattern to:
  • Reduce DVT incidence by 50%.
  • Significantly reduce venous distention to combat clot formation.
  • Increase blood flow in femoral vein by 38%.
  • Provide critical pressure break at the popliteal region.
  • Prevent tourniquet effect with an interrupted band and functional two-ply panel.
  • Protect patients after discharge

 Assured Efficacy 

  • Reduce DVT by 50%*. Proven in a wide variety of medical/surgical specialities.
  • Improved patient outcomes. Combining the T.E.D. Stocking with mechanical or pharmaceutical prophylaxis will lead to a lower incidence of DVT, better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.
  • Provide baseline DVT protection. Whatever the patient's level of risk or when pneumatic/impulse compression is interrupted, T.E.D. Stockings will help ensure uninterrupted baseline protection.
  • Protect after discharge. T.E.D. Stockings worn post-discharge can help reduce the chance of unwanted DVT complications

 Safety by Design 

  • 100% Latex free In both Knee and Thigh Length with Belt styles (includes all Sizes).
  • A clinically proven pressure pattern* of 18mmHg at the ankle, 14mmHg at the calf, 8mmHg at the knee, 10mmHg at the mid-thigh, 8mmHg at the upper thigh increases blood flow velocity 138% and reduces venous distension.
  • Inlay circumferential knit with one-way stretch delivers the clinically proven pressure pattern to the appropriate areas of the leg.
  • A pressure break at the popliteal vein ensures that blood will continue to flow Smoothly through this critical area.
  • Interrupted band and 2-ply panel prevent a tourniquet effect at the femoral vein.

 Ease of Use 

  • Fits up to 95% of all patients T.E.D. Stockings come in three styles -- Knee Length, Thigh Length and Thigh Length with Belt -- with 27 different sizes to accommodate most patients.
  • A defined heel pocket ensures correct placement.
  • Inspection toe opening allows for quick inspection of the skin and pulse.
  • Sophisticated manufacturing techniques and strict quality control help ensure that the correct pressures will be delivered and the stockings will be free of defects.
For home use: Because the risk of DVT can extend up to 6 weeks after hospitalization, T.E.D. stockings can be used for recuperating patients.

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